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Responder Homeland Security

This section is intended to act as a collection of information that pertains to responders in Chelan County.

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Responder Knowledge Base  – Contains the Approved Equipment List (AEL).  This is a database generated list that will update if changes are made to the list.  Product Specifications are also contained on this site.

Lessons Learned Information Sharing  – Contains reviews of incidents and exercises.

NIMS Integration Center  – Contains current information pertaining to the NIMS Integration.

Defense Logistics Agency ODP Purchases  – Directions on how to purchase through DLA with ODP Funds.

Region 7 Meetings:

11/22/0510:00-12:00To Be Determined
10/13/0510:00-12:00408 North Western (Chelan County Emergency Services Building)Agenda
9/21/05EveningWSEMA Conference (Lake Chelan)Minutes
7/20/050900-1200408 North Western (Chelan County Emergency Services Building)AgendaMinutes
6/8/050900-1200Grant County Emergency ManagementAgendaMinutes
5/5/051300-1600408 North Western (Chelan County Emergency Services Building)AgendaMinutes
3/16/0510:00-14:00408 North Western (Chelan County Emergency Services Building)Agenda
2/3/0510:00-14:00408 North Western (Chelan County Emergency Services Building)AgendaMinutes
1/7/0510:00-14:00232 East Wapato, Chelan, WA (Chelan County FD #7)Agenda


12/10/0410:00-14:00Moses Lake DEM Minutes

 read more about our EOC

The Chelan County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Chelan County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) services as a coordination center for policy makers during emergencies.  With our move to the Emergency Services Building, the EOC is in the process of being set up at the new location.  When completed the facility should have the following capabilities:

  • Work space for county and city representatives
  • Work space for liaisons and industry representatives
  • Phone system to accommodate all representatives in the EOC
  • Internet access for all representatives
  • Full interactive briefing capability
  • Communications office
  • EOC Manager’s Office
  • Expanded EOC area for large scale incidents

This facility is being laid out primarily as an EOC, but it has the capability of being used as a training room.  Although the need to activate an Emergency Operations Center is rare, when an incident of this scale occurs, Chelan County feels it is best to have a facility designed to function properly as an EOC.

The Emergency Operations Center can be reached at (509) 667-6636.

Local Emergency Planning Committee


Chelan and Douglas Counties have combined to form the Chelan-Douglas Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).  This allows the many agencies which function in both counties to only have to interact with only one LEPC.

The LEPC was formed to meet the requirements set forth by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986, also know as SARA Title III.  This lays out several mandates, such as formation of a Local Emergency Planning Committee and a Hazardous Materials Response Plan.  The Chelan-Douglas LEPC has their plan in place and continues to review and update the plan as outlined in WAC 118-04.

The Chelan-Douglas LEPC maintains at least one representative from each of the following disciplines in the LEPC:

  • (a) State and local officials.

  • (b) Law enforcement.

  • (c) Emergency management.

  • (d) Fire fighting.

  • (e) First aid.

  • (f) Health profession.

  • (g) Local environmental.

  • (h) Hospital.

  • (i) Transportation personnel.

  • (j) Broadcast and print media.

  • (k) Community groups.

  • (l) Owners and operators of facilities subject to the requirements of Section 302(b) of EPCRA.

Additional information on EPCRA is available at

LEPC Information:

>> Do I need to submit Tier II Reports?  Click here to find out!

>> Looking for information on your business and hazardous materials?  Click here for a business guide to EPCRA!

>> EPA List of Lists

2006 LEPC Meeting Dates:

  • 10/10/06 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy Street, Wenatchee)

  • 7/11/06 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy Street, Wenatchee)

  • 4/11/06 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy Street, Wenatchee)

  • 1/10/06 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy Street, Wenatchee)

2005 LEPC Meetings:

  • 10/11/05 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy St., Wenatchee) [Meeting Minutes]

  • 7/12/05 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy St., Wenatchee) [Meeting Minutes]

  • 4/12/05 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy St., Wenatchee) [Meeting Minutes]

  • 1/11/05 @ 1:00 PM – Chelan County Fire District #1 (206 Easy St, Wenatchee)  [Meeting Minutes]

If you would like more information about the Chelan-Douglas LEPC, please contact Chelan County Emergency Management at (509) 667-6863.

Emergency Workers


The State of Washington utilizes a program known as the Emergency Worker Program (WAC 118-04) to protect volunteers during Search and Rescue activities.  This program is administered by your local Emergency Management entity and provides coverage for personal injury and damaged property to the volunteer.  To be covered, a volunteer must be registered as an emergency worker with a county within Washington State.  The preference is to have people registered prior to an incident (this ensures all paperwork is in place, including a background check).  When specialized personnel are needed, which are not already registered, provisions can be made to register them at the scene.  While this is possible, every attempt will be made to use volunteers which are already registered.

Questions and Answers:

Question:  I am a member of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Volunteer Services Division, do I need to be an emergency worker?
Answer:  Yes.  If you participate in Search and Rescue operations, you need to become a registered Emergency Worker.

Question:  I have already completed my Chelan County Sheriff’s Volunteer Services Division Application.  Do I need to complete more paperwork to become a registered Emergency Worker?
Answer:  Yes.  It requires completion of a state form.  It is real quick and only takes two minutes to fill out.

Question:  I was used on a Search and Rescue and used a lot of fuel.  Can I get that reimbursed?
Answer:  Possibly.  There is a high likelihood that you can be reimbursed.  Contact Chelan County Emergency Management to find out.

Question:  I lost some of my personal equipment on a Search and Rescue.  Is that reimburseable?
Answer:  Yes.  If it was your personal equipment and it was lost on a SAR with a state mission number, then the chances are it can be reimbursed.  Contact Chelan County Emergency Management for more information.

Question:  I am a volunteer, do I need to pass the NIMS Course?
Answer:  Yes, you must complete IS-700.  While there is not a deadline set yet, it is coming, and will be a requirement.

> Click here for Emergency Worker Applications!

Current Projects

The following are examples of the projects Chelan County Emergency Management is involved in:




  • First Responder Training Courses
    • Chelan County is actively immersed in providing a variety of training courses to the responders in Chelan County.  We are striving to provide a variety of use full and well presented courses hosted here in Chelan County.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for responders to attend local training that meets national criteria and is worth their valuable time to attend.
  • Regional Resource Directory
    • We are in the process of trying to compile a comprehensive list of contacts and resources in a single place.  Currently most lists are function specific, but not combined and updated at different intervals.  The goal is to have one list that is maintained on a specified schedule.
  • Upgrade of Chelan County HydroMet System
    • Chelan County Emergency Management owns and operates approximately a dozen weather data sites throughout Chelan County.  As this equipment is now beginning to show its age, we are in the process of upgrading the equipment.  In a joint effort between Chelan County, the US Forest Service, and the National Weather Service we have installed two new weather stations and acquired new data logging software.  We are in the process of implementing the new software and integrating this on our website for real time weather.
  • Upgrade of responder two way radios
    • The largest focus of Homeland Security Money on Chelan County has been towards interoperability.  Interoperability is the insurance that all responders can communicate with each other.  Chelan County has made major strides towards this with the acquisition of portable and mobile radios for the county’s responders.
  • Citizen Corps Program
    • With the events of September 11, 2001 President George W. Bush called for the citizens of the United States to become involved.  The mechanism that was created to handle these volunteers is referred to as Citizen Corps.  Sheriff Mike Harum created the Chelan County Sheriff’s Citizen Corps, incorporating existing volunteers, in 2004.
  • Grant Management
    • Everyone has heard of the infamous Homeland Security Grants.  Regardless of what your knowledge may be of these, they are very complex and specific on how they can be utilized.  To remain in complete compliance it requires a large amount of time and paperwork.  Well, lucky us, we are the agency that administers all Homeland Security Grants in Chelan County.
  • Local Emergency Planning Committees
    • This is a primary function that provides a connection between responders, industry, and the community. Chelan County is proud to be the site of the 2004 and 2005 State LEPC Workshop.  For more information, please see of LEPC information page.
  • WebEOC
    • WebEOC is an electronic Resource Management system for tracking resources and sharing information instantly across a large geographic area. Chelan County, along with Homeland Security Region 7, has implemented this system to share information with participating agencies and our neighbor jurisdictions.
  • Tactical Communications
  • Currently in progress of Local emergency planning committee
  • Special Needs Registry


    The Chelan County Special Needs Registry is a voluntary registry of individuals who would require assistance in the event of an emergency. This assistance could be as simple as advising a person of a situation in the vicinity of their residence to those who need evacuation assistance in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This registry alerts emergency responders as to a resident’s address and gives them the vital information they need to better meet the resident’s needs. It is important that emergency personnel know where to find you, and how best to meet some of your requirements during a disaster requiring evacuation.

    Participation in the registry is voluntary and all information is strictly confidential, used only for emergency purposes.

    Individuals are eligible to be registered with the Special Needs Registry if they are frail, elderly, medically needy, and/or disabled and are not served in or by a residential facility program (i.e. nursing home, retirement apartments, etc.).  Eligible individuals need only to complete the attached form and return it to the Emergency Management Office.  Forms are available here, stopping by our office at 408 N. Western, in Wenatchee during business hours, or calling our office at (509) 667-6863.

    Our department’s mission is to assess and plan for hazards and emergencies and work with other public safety and municipal agencies to ensure public welfare. As a pre-planning tool, the Special Needs Registry should be considered strongly for all people who have special medical needs (i.e. oxygen or life support systems that are dependent upon electrical power) or have physical disabilities that would make it difficult to evacuate independently if the need arose.

    For more information on this service, contact the Emergency Management Office at (509) 667-6863.

    Download Packet

    To have a packet mailed (hard copy or electronic) to an individual, please complete the following form:

    Special Needs Packet Request Form