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Winter Weather Advisory

Updates to Winter Preparedness and Safety. Click here for links to updated videos.

Governor's Guide to Homeland Security

A Governor's Guide to Homeland Security, was recently published by the National Governor's Association.  The guide, while aimed at new Governors, is a great overview to emergency management across the nation.  While targeted at Governors, the material covered is directly applicable to elected officials and emergency response personnel at the local level.

Click here to view the guide.

Are You Self-Sufficient for 72 Hours?

Recent winter weather in Chelan County has really brought home the importance of being prepared to be self sufficient.  It is recommended that families be prepared by having food and other necessary supplies to last 72 hours.  Visit our Preparedness Page for a variety of guides on preparing your house and family.

The 2007 Washington State Preparedness Guide is available online , or by contacting the Chelan County Emergency Management Office.

Fiscal Year 2007 NIMS Metric Released

Visit our Homeland Security Guidance sectionto view the FY07 NIMS Metric for local agencies.

Weather Radio Emergency Notification

The recent winter storms, and resulting power outages, in Chelan County have really highlighted the importance of emergency notification.  Citizens are highly encouraged to be prepared for incidents resulting in extended power outages by owning a battery operated am/fm radio with fresh batteries.  By possessing a battery powered radio, citizens will ensure they are capable of listening to local radio stations for current information from local officials.

In addition to an am/fm radio, citizens are encouraged to own a NOAA Weather Alert Radio.  Weather Alert Radios are a fabulous tool to ensure immediate notification of emergencies in your area.  In addition to enabling easy access to weather forecasts, newer radios enable 24/7 notification of Emergency Alert System messages.  These newer radios (equipped with SAME Encoding) will set off an audible alert when emergency messages are issued by local officials.  Weather radios can be purchased locally from a variety of retail stores and are readily available for less than $100.00.

Additional information is available at


Is Your Business Prepared?

Businesses, just like individuals, need to be prepared for unexpected events when they occur.  A little amount of pre-planning can make the difference between a business surviving, or closing their doors for good!  Visit our Business Continuity Section for information to help you write your Business Emergency Plan.


Special Needs Registry

 Special Needs Registration registration forms available here!


Updated National Response Plan Course

View the revised National Response Plan Course (IS-800.A) at the Emergency Management Institute.


2004 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) Software

Standalone Software based on the 2004 Emergency Response Guidebook.


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